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The topic of the video was fake polyglots

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With nearly 1 million subscribers, Language Simp is one of the largest channels on YouTube related to language learning. In less than one year, he has been able to generate several million views thanks to his hilarious videos.

Language Simp defines himself as “a hyperpolyglot, gigachad, alphamale who is very attractive to every woman…. and man on the planet.”

The thumbnail of one of the Language Simp videos [source]

As you can imagine, his entire digital persona is built on memes and trolling. Most of his statements and claims should be taken for what they are. Jokes. At the same time, he can actually speak several languages fluently, including Russian, Spanish, France, and Danish. So, he is a real polyglot.

In his latest video “I BECAME A FAKE POLYGLOT,” Language Simp addressed the growing phenomenon of fake polyglots, people who pretend to be able to speak numerous languages. This is especially common on YouTube, where users make thousands of views “shocking” local natives by speaking their language.

At the beginning of the video, around second 36, while introducing the topic and explaining how popular it is, he shows the following screenshot:

A frame from the “I BECAME A FAKE POLYGLOT” video from Language Simp [source]

As you can see, this is an article from Language Hub! In detail, it is a piece written by Mark Farnsworth, the co-founder of this Medium publication.

Considering the color of the link in the screenshot, we can tell that Language Simp actually clicked on the article. We cannot know for sure whether he read the article or not. However, it is pretty impressive that such a large YouTube channel used Language Hub to back its content.

Is Language Simp a secret Language Hub fan? If you are a regular reader, let us know!

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