The Ric Flair Approach To Language Learning


Antonello Zanini
5 min readJun 30, 2022
Ric Flair screaming “Woooo!” [Source]

Disclaimer: This story is part of the Language Hub topic of the month challenge. Please, do not take this article too seriously.

At the age of 25, I was able to speak four languages. This would never have been possible without my special approach to language learning. I jealously kept it as a secret for years, but now the time has come to share it with the world.

Let’s delve into the Ric Flair approach to language learning I devised. The only approach to language learning that requires wearing a Rolex.

How Ric Flair Influenced My Language Learning Journey

In the early 2000s, I was a kid under 10 years old and WWE SmackDown was one of the most popular shows in Italy, before being canceled forever from free-to-air TV due to the 2007 Christ Benoit tragedy. John Cena and Undertaker were my heroes and I still remember how magical, fun, and electrifying the WWE universe felt for me.

Fast-forward 10 years, I am a university student trying to get a degree in software engineering. During a weekend zapping session, I came across a SmackDown rerun and watched the entire episode with my brother. Software engineering is hard, and watching WWE is not brain demanding, after all.

We were surprised how we could think that what we were seeing was real, accepting the fact that the product offered by WWE is pure entertainment, and we were just kids. We also incredibly found out that John Cena was still one of the leading characters! Who would have thought it…

A flying microphone with Kurt Angle in the background

Now, what does this have to do with language learning? Let me explain it. Those were my last years as an undergraduate, and my language journey to improve my English would begin shortly thereafter. Fascinated by what I had seen on the TV that weekend, I started catching up by watching YouTube videos about what had happened in the years I had not followed WWE.

The YouTube algorithms started recommending videos of the most famous promos in WWE history, many of which were by Ric Flair. The audio quality of most of his famous promos is not the best to say the least. Also, he used to scream in his unique slang, and the automatic subtitle generation feature offered by YouTube could not help.

As a language learner who wanted to take his English from an A2 to a C2 level, I made a vow:

I will learn to understand Ric Flair’s promos!

For me, this was the ultimate challenge in learning English.

Core Principle of the Ric Flair Approach to Language Learning

The more I studied English, the more I could grasp Ric Flair’s promos. The more I understood them, the more I wanted to listen to them. The more I listened to his screamed words, the more I entered into his world. I was hooked.

I love his arrogant, self-centered, insulting character. No human being can be more insufferable, and charismatic at the same time, than the character he plays. Ric Flair’s character simply represents the pinnacle of what can be wrong with a man.

This is how Ric Flair got into my head.

Considering that learning a language is a journey that involves countless challenges and losing momentum is sadly common, during difficult times I started to ask myself a simple question:

What would Ric Flair do?

The answer is simple: he would keep bragging, no matter what. Or, in other terms, he would never give up, faking his way to success until achieving it, using any means if necessary.

That is the core principle behind the Ric Flair approach to language learning, asking themselves what would Ric Flair do in a given situation. This simple, yet unbelievably powerful habit, helped me become the language learner I am today.

Instead of surrendering to difficulties inherent in the language learning process, accepting that I could spend my time in more valuable ways, I began to face obstacles with a genuine “Woooo!”


Consequences of the Ric Flair Approach to Language Learning

After practicing this amazingly effective approach to language learning, you are likely to become a “Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealin’, wheelin’-n-dealin’, limousine riding, jet flying son of a gun.”

It happened to me personally, and now I can only speak or write in English when I am wearing butterfly robes adorned with colorful peacock feathers. The first few times it feels a little uncomfortable, especially if you are a freelance software engineer who has to speak in English on a daily basis, but you (and your clients) will get used to it.

Getting ready for a call with a client

Also, I found out that wearing a Rolex and alligator shoes drastically improves the ability to learn new words and expressions. It leaves me baffled that no one else has ever recommended it.

Another important consequence of the Ric Flair approach to language learning is that after embracing it, you will never be the same. I used to work as a software engineer. I am now a Technology Bishop. How I came up with this title is material for another story, but what is for sure is that listening to Ric Flair’s promos played a key role.


  • Prefer “Wooo!” to whining
  • The Ric Flair approach can easily make you a hyperpolyglot, but it will not help you see John Cena
  • Alligator shoes brutally increase your memory
  • The most effective way to learn new words is by wearing a Rolex
  • Putting on butterfly ropes perfects your pronunciation


Learning a language is a long, grueling, time-consuming process. Several approaches have been developed, but they all fail. In contrast, the Ric Flair approach presented here is the ultimate solution to learning a new language and becoming the Rolex-wearing human being you have always dreamt of as a byproduct. Without Ric Flair’s inspiration, the language learning community would never have learned this. Say thank you to Ric Flair.