My mission is to spread knowledge through writing!

I'm a software engineer, but I prefer to call myself a Technology Bishop. I write about technology, programming, marketing, business, language learning, and my life.

As I told in this story, I started writing to learn English and never stopped, falling in love with the process. I generally publish 4 to 8 articles a month, always trying to improve my writing skills and come up with new, fresh, fascinating ideas.

The Timeline of My Career

Since January 2020 I have been freelancing and collaborating remotely with startups all over the world.

In June 2020, I started my writing career as a technical writer.

Since March 2021 I have been writing for the best technology-related blogs in the world.

In June 2021, I was awarded as one of the top 1,000 authors on Medium.

In January 2022, I cofounded the Language Hub Medium publication, a meeting and sharing place for language learners from all over the world. Join us here.

In April 2022, I celebrated half a million global views!

Medium member since October 2021
Editor of Language Hub



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