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Easily extracting data from Google Maps and store it in a Google Sheets document using Zapier

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Scraping data from web pages can quickly become a time-consuming and difficult task. Luckily, tools to make this easier and avoid all the well-known challenges that come with scraping have been developed in recent years. Particularly, Octoparse is one of the best and smartest solutions on the market.

Octoparse is…

Create your definitive automatic newsletter signup form for free

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Over the past few months, I have tried several services to build custom signup forms. The majority of them are not free, or when they are free they come with too many limitations. Moreover, several websites do not allow you to embed forms created with them. …

CEOs taught me that technologies are nothing more than tools

A work table covered with tools
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Since I became a freelancer, I have been working with several startups all over the world. Most of them were just born. Consequently, I thought that one of my main tasks was to help them choose the best technology stack. But I could not be more wrong. This is what…

Antonello Zanini

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