You do not need to be a writer to write technical pieces

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As the great Medium Enhanced Stats Chrome extension reminded me, last month I celebrated my first 100k views on Medium. When I started writing technical articles six months ago, I would have never expected to achieve such a milestone.

Making your Spring Boot APIs more secure

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Using a specifically designed framework like Spring Security to achieve your security goals, such as authorization and authentication, may seem the best solution.

“Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java applications. Like all Spring projects, the real power of Spring Security is found in how easily it can be extended to meet custom requirements.”Spring Security

However, for basic needs writing a few lines of code to implement your authentication logic might be a better approach. This way, you can keep your application simple and avoid unnecessary dependencies.

The approach I…

Extracting data easily and store it in a Google Sheets document

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Recently, I was looking for a way to easily scrape data from websites. In fact, as we all know, manually scraping the web can turn into a tedious and time-consuming task. While searching online for smarter solutions to avoid these downsides, I came across Octoparse.

Octoparse is a web scraping service that allows you to extract data from multiple websites with no code involvement. As a consequence, anyone can use this no-code tool.

Moreover, it provides official APIs to execute previously-defined scraping tasks on-demand and save the extracted data in CSV, TXT, Excel, HTML, or to databases. …

What I learned from my Chocolate Month experiment

A box of chocolates
A box of chocolates
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Last month I had an epiphany and realized I needed a change. I had been covering the same topics for too long. So, my pieces were becoming stagnant. This is why I was looking forward to exploring new ideas. Tired of writing articles about technology and the digital world, I came up with an experiment. Why not change my usual topics for a month?

The Chocolate Month

Everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, my goal as a writer is to delight my audience as if they were eating chocolate. …

Avoiding the coherence problem by clearing all your cached data on-demand

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Photo by Árpád Czapp on Unsplash

Caching improves performance but introduces the coherence problem as well. This is why, after enabling caching in my Spring Boot application, I realized how important it is to provide a procedure to clear all the caches on-demand.

Logging into your server to manually release all the cached data by your application should the last and desperate option. As a consequence, I started looking for methods to offer administrators a reliable and secure way to clear all the caches when needed. Fortunately, this can easily be achieved with a few lines of code.

Let’s see how to define a custom API…

Using absolute path aliases in React to make your imports refactor-friendly

A laptop and a cake
A laptop and a cake
Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash

As soon as I started developing in React, I noticed how easily refactoring can turn into a painful experience. Based on my expertise, this can break most of your imports.

If you have ever dealt with the fear of refactoring, then this tutorial is for you. Do not panic, because there is a solution!

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make your import statements way easier to refactor by using aliases, as shown here:


As you can see, the proposed solution makes your imports look cleaner too, isn’t it? What a great side effect!


Keep one dedicated build folder per environment

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Photo by Jexo on Unsplash.

When developing a React application, you might need to deal with different environments. Based on my experience, you should consider at least the following three environments:

  • Development
  • Staging
  • Production

Before deploying your React app to one of the last two environments, you need to build it. This is usually achieved by running a command aimed at creating a deployable build saved in your project’s build folder.

Such a method has a tremendous downside. For example, you cannot launch many build commands in parallel. In fact, they all depend on the same folder. …

It took me 474 days but it was worth it

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As you can tell from my name, I am a native Italian speaker. I was born and raised in Italy and only studied English at school. My level was tragically low for most of my life. Before deciding to improve it, I had never thought about becoming an author. To be honest, I had always considered myself a terrible writer.

But let’s start from the beginning and see how learning a foreign language turned me into a writer…

Where Everything Started

It was 2019. I had just graduated in software engineering and had gotten my first job. I was not enjoying it at…

Writing technical articles can help you become a better developer

Someone typing on laptop
Someone typing on laptop
Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash.

Although my career as a software engineer has just begun, I cannot find good reasons why I should not write technical articles. Instead, I strongly believe that every developer should do so.

Writing technology-related pieces is not complex, and you definitely do not need to be a talented writer. What you need are good reasons for writing — and that is what this article is about.

Let’s take a look at my top five reasons why developers should write technical articles.

1. Sharing Your Solutions

We all feel special, but the problems we are called to face as developers are more or less the…

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